Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tagged by Cameron

Check out Cameron's blog, which is well worth the visit. He's tagged me with that 4 vehicles/jobs/places/vacations meme that's been sweeping the blogosphere.

I'll answer the questions, but I hope it's not bad etiquette to decline to tag others. I think this one is on its last legs, especially if it has finally found its way down to little old me. Plus I don't think I could think of 4 places to tag that haven't done this already.

4 Vehicles I've owned:
lots of bikes
razor scooter
1986 BMW, which was an old beater but still had a feeling of luxury-when it ran.
2001 VW Golf, which is our current car. I just took it in for a tune-up and ended up spending $900 on new brakes. Owning cars is kind of a drag. I'm looking forward to the transporter beam.

4 Jobs I've had:
Clerk for the auctioneer who lived across the street when I was a kid.
Carnie worker at Lake Ontario Park in Kingston as a Queen's student
Staff at Trinity Square Video in 1996-97-This really gave me my start in the film/video world.
Freelance film/video editor-still goiing strong

4 places lived:

Bancroft, Ontario is where I grew up. My parents are threatening to move down south. It will be weird to have no reason to visit Bancroft anymore.

Kingston, Ontario-the Queen's U years. I lived in about 6 places in 4 years.

Vancouver-did a brief stint out West. It didn't take.


4 Vacations I have taken:
East coast Canada tour, 2001
Eastern Europe Honeymoon, 2002
North side of Cuba, 2005
South Side of Cuba, 2006 -next month (I guess that's not "have taken", but close enuff...)

OK. that's it.

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