Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Anti Dentite Propaganda

Yesterday I went to the dentist to pick up a nightguard-a little piece of plastic to protect teeth from grinding in my sleep. The whole thing took 2 visits and about 10 minutes of the staffs time. The cost? $380.00
Is it any wonder people resent dentists? That fee is an obscenity.
And yet, although I can afford this sum it will cost me nothing, as my wife's insurance will cover it. Those less fortunate would of course be uninsured and expected to pay the full amount.
It's high time dental coverage be included in Medicare.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Too Late for the Oscars

Our friend Cameron was over for a visit last week and I mentioned that maybe we should have an Oscar party.
"Nah, too late," he said.
But he didn't mean the day on the calendar-he meant that now that all of us are nearing the wrong side of 35 (if not there already), that nobody cares anymore.
He's got a point.
In the old days, the emails would be flying back and forth. In the really old days the phone would be ringing.
Not this year.
Sure, we'll tune in-starting late so we can speed through the commercials on the PVR-and we'll root for Scorsese and have a bit of a laugh.
But there won't be many of us watching with an eye towards being there someday.
Not anymore.

(I do still dream of GOING TO SEE A MOVIE someday. Of the Oscar Best Picture Nominees, I've seen 2, only one in the theatre. My 20 year old self would be shocked.)

In other news, we are considering buying a new house, Maja is starting to take a serious interest in learning to read, I have an upcoming job editing a popular TV show, Irena got a raise and promotion at CityTV, my parents have a new company, my sister's baby is cute as a button and we're all getting ready to head out to a kids birthday party today. So life is good. Ordinary, yes, but good.