Friday, September 11, 2009

i say no to iphone

I have recently been thinking a lot about phones. We have just one cellphone in our family which my wife and I pass back and forth as needed. Everyone at work has either an iphone or blackberry or both, and I've been suffering from phone envy. So today, with time on my hands and feeling bored, I came closer than ever before to walking over to the mall and pulling the trigger on an iphone or Palm Pre. What saved me was the realization that I could go to the movies instead of phone shopping-which I did. The movie was Inglourious Basterds, which I liked quite a bit. I also found that, after the movie, my thoughts on the phone matter had changed. As I rode up to work on the subway, I found that my mind was wandering...thinking about the movie, my daughter, my wife, work, vacations, and lots of other stuff, and it occurred to me that all of the thoughts I was having were facilitated by NOT having a glowing LCD screen in my hand to play with.
So, I have decided not to donate any extra money to Rogers or Bell. For today anyway.