Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dick, Wayne & Buzz

It's very amusing seeing "Dick Cheney Shot a Guy in the Face-Gate" unfold, especially on the Daily Show. It is sad though that he gets in more hot water over an accident than for all those thousands of people he intentionally killed through his warmongering.

On Gretzky-I'm not a big hockey fan, but I find it really annoying that the press won't give Wayne the benefit of the doubt. After all he has accomplished I think he deserves better. Bring home the gold, Wayne, and then toss it in the lake tell 'em to choke on it.

And it's been a few days since Buzz was kicked out of the NDP. I was happy about this at first, and mainly still am, but it does create some food for thought. If Buzz goes, shouldn't David Miller be kicked out too? He has endorsed Liberals in the past, and posed with Martin for the "handgun ban". Sure, Miller was less explicit in endorsing strategic voting, but he's still culpable. And Bob Rae has mused publicly about becoming Liberal leader. Maybe he should be kicked out too. (Actually, that would be awesome, but anyway...) Maybe the NDP should have just had Buzz soundly beaten by some burly-union guys.

And finally, we might be days away from a massive CUPE strike. I wonder if we would be in this situation if Sid had won is seat in Oshawa. And he might have won, if not for Buzz. So, if CUPE goes on strike, that's Buzz's fault too.

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