Monday, February 06, 2006

The House floor carpet must be getting ragged by now...

So, another opportunistic politician shows his true colours.

It looks like the NDP will have the balance of power after all, just barely, now that David Emerson has crossed the floor to join the winning team. (Assuming Liberal Peter Milliken is retained as Speaker, which seems likely.)

This seems pretty short sighted to me. The Liberals will be back. My guess? Emerson won't.

It just goes to show that Liberals and Conservatives are interchangable. The NDP position is that there should be a by-election if someone wants to cross the floor. We should really make a big fuss over this, because if there were a by-election the NDP would have an excellent chance of winning our 30th seat, since we are the only party without the stink of betrayal all over us. (Just don't run Svend, for God's sake!)

Despite Emerson being a major disappointment, this is very good news for the NDP, both now, and in terms of pointing to this despicable behaviour in the next campaign.

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