Saturday, October 06, 2007

Don't Get Mad. Get Orange!

See, we really did go to the rally!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Down to the Wire

Tomorrow I'm heading off to a pep-rally for Howard Hampton. I have been very busy with work lately and haven't had the inclination to spend any of my few free hours canvassing for the NDP, but after Howie's admirable outburst yesterday I really feel the least I can do is show up at the event down the street.
I must admit I'm allowing myself to buy in (slightly) to the hype here in Davenport that Peter Ferierra has a shot at knocking off Tony Ruprecht. I know it's a long shot, but hey, you never know.
Later we're planning to finish painting the third floor room that took ALL SUMMER to get renovated. The colour is red, which was chosen by our daughter. Hope that doesn't make her a Liberal.
In other news, both Buzz Hargrove and Bob Rae took shots at Hampton today. Raising the ire of those two douchebags can only help if you ask me.
So, here's hoping the NDP does OK this time out (as in better than dismal). Also keeping fingers crossed for Sid Ryan to win and Kathleen Wynne to lose. I guess it's probably too late to hope for Dalton to be denied a majority, but maybe he'll surprise us and manage to screw himself at the last minute.
Dare to dream.
Eat the kitten, Dalton. Eat it!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Maja begins to remember

Yesterday was our daughter Maja's 4th birthday party. We had about a dozen kids in the backyard and the house is now filled with more toys, games and junk food than we know what to do with. To me, this is a really significant birthday, because my first memory is of turning 4. I remember I was running down a dirt path in my bare feet, heading away from our family's house, which was located smack dab in the middle of the boonies. I just remember the packed brown soil under my feet, and running as fast as I could, and thinking, very proudly, "I'm four, I'm four, I'm four." I have kept this memory for over 30 years now, and I have always thought of it as my first memory. At this point however, it is impossible to separate what part of it is a real memory from what might have been made up in my mind over the years. In any case, whether the image in my head is real or imagined, I am certain the gist of it was real.
So, now my daughter is 4. I think it's time to assume that anything from this point on, she's likely to remember for the rest of her life. Even something as insignificant as running down a dirt path, or throwing a water balloon at her Dad.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Tankless Job

Last month we got the unwelcome news that our furnace needed replacing. After doing some research I eventually ended up talking Irena into going with a "Tankless Water Heater", a wall-mounted unit that vents out the wall and heats both our hot water for our taps and the radiators that heat the house.
The installation was a bit tricky, but a few days ago they finally got the job finished. The final product is a mixed bag. On the one hand we feel great about being more environmentally friendly and saving on our gas bills. The unit is much higher efficiency than our old one (from 1977!) and because it only heats water as needed it doesn't waste energy keeping a big tank of water hot. On the down side, it vents out the back under our deck and, while not too objectionable, it is smelly enough that you wouldn't want to lounge on the South side of the deck while a load of laundry is washing. Also, it takes longer for the water to get hot out of the taps. Sometimes a lot longer, depending on how recently the unit last fired up. And the water pressure seems a bit lower.
Still, as Irena pointed out, waiting a few extra seconds for hot water serves to remind us what a privilege it is to have hot water at our fingertips in the first place. Considering she was the skeptic, and could pile on the I told you so's if she so chose, that's a pretty good attitude.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Boys Club

It was reported today that Justin Trudeau may face a tough battle to secure the Liberal nomination in Papineau.
Just like in Gerard Kennedy in Parkdale, a star candidate is trying to elbow aside a pre-existing female candidate to secure the nomination. The difference is that Mary Deros isn't going quietly, and may band together with the other candidate Basilio Giordano to try to block Trudeau. They also had a good candidate in Toronto Centre who had to be pushed aside for that pompous windbag Bob Rae.
It seems to me the Liberal party is only interested in increasing its female representation when it's convenient.
Go Peggy Nash!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Anti Dentite Propaganda

Yesterday I went to the dentist to pick up a nightguard-a little piece of plastic to protect teeth from grinding in my sleep. The whole thing took 2 visits and about 10 minutes of the staffs time. The cost? $380.00
Is it any wonder people resent dentists? That fee is an obscenity.
And yet, although I can afford this sum it will cost me nothing, as my wife's insurance will cover it. Those less fortunate would of course be uninsured and expected to pay the full amount.
It's high time dental coverage be included in Medicare.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Too Late for the Oscars

Our friend Cameron was over for a visit last week and I mentioned that maybe we should have an Oscar party.
"Nah, too late," he said.
But he didn't mean the day on the calendar-he meant that now that all of us are nearing the wrong side of 35 (if not there already), that nobody cares anymore.
He's got a point.
In the old days, the emails would be flying back and forth. In the really old days the phone would be ringing.
Not this year.
Sure, we'll tune in-starting late so we can speed through the commercials on the PVR-and we'll root for Scorsese and have a bit of a laugh.
But there won't be many of us watching with an eye towards being there someday.
Not anymore.

(I do still dream of GOING TO SEE A MOVIE someday. Of the Oscar Best Picture Nominees, I've seen 2, only one in the theatre. My 20 year old self would be shocked.)

In other news, we are considering buying a new house, Maja is starting to take a serious interest in learning to read, I have an upcoming job editing a popular TV show, Irena got a raise and promotion at CityTV, my parents have a new company, my sister's baby is cute as a button and we're all getting ready to head out to a kids birthday party today. So life is good. Ordinary, yes, but good.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Feeling the Heat

My daughter and I were out for walk today and I noticed some of the trees are getting green buds on them. The trees think it is spring! This cannot be good.
What happens when winter finally sets in? Will the trees be ruined? We need a blast of cold, and fast.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year, Baby

Just past midnight last night I got the call from my Mom: My sister Cree had just delivered an 8lb baby girl. She waited just long enough to be a 2007 baby. They still are trying to decide on a name as of this morning. It's a pretty incredible day for someone's first day on Earth. Sunny and about 9 degrees. (Or else it's a sign of global warming and we're all screwed, but let's save that worry for another day.)
Congratulations Cree and Darcy and welcome Baby Morrish.

2006 was a very good year for us. My wife Irena got a promotion at CityTV and is doing interesting work, even if the hours are still long. I had lots of work editing TV shows of varying quality, and Maja started preschool. Hard to believe we will need to start scoping out local public schools this winter. My parents moved closer to us, relocating from Bancroft to a beautiful country estate in the Hamilton area.

And we finally managed to make a film, after years of neglecting that side of our lives. We have only shown it at a couple of very modest local festivals so far, but it was immensely satisfying to make it, regardless of the audience it ultimately reaches.

Goals for 2007: Get in better shape-give up Coke and cut down on sugar. Improve my French. Make another film. Teach Maja to read.

Favourite political moment of 2006: Adam Vaughan beats Helen kennedy for City Council in Trinity Spadina.

Political hopes for 2007: Please no federal election for a while. And when it does come, let the NDP hold the Balance of Power. I hope McGuinty gets humbled by Hampton in the October election. Let's get out of Afghanistan. Impeach Bush (unlikely, I know). Al Gore. please enter the race for President (if only to keep it entertaining). And as for all this global warming, genocide, disease, poverty and terrorism business, personally, I'm against it.