Friday, January 05, 2007

Feeling the Heat

My daughter and I were out for walk today and I noticed some of the trees are getting green buds on them. The trees think it is spring! This cannot be good.
What happens when winter finally sets in? Will the trees be ruined? We need a blast of cold, and fast.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year, Baby

Just past midnight last night I got the call from my Mom: My sister Cree had just delivered an 8lb baby girl. She waited just long enough to be a 2007 baby. They still are trying to decide on a name as of this morning. It's a pretty incredible day for someone's first day on Earth. Sunny and about 9 degrees. (Or else it's a sign of global warming and we're all screwed, but let's save that worry for another day.)
Congratulations Cree and Darcy and welcome Baby Morrish.

2006 was a very good year for us. My wife Irena got a promotion at CityTV and is doing interesting work, even if the hours are still long. I had lots of work editing TV shows of varying quality, and Maja started preschool. Hard to believe we will need to start scoping out local public schools this winter. My parents moved closer to us, relocating from Bancroft to a beautiful country estate in the Hamilton area.

And we finally managed to make a film, after years of neglecting that side of our lives. We have only shown it at a couple of very modest local festivals so far, but it was immensely satisfying to make it, regardless of the audience it ultimately reaches.

Goals for 2007: Get in better shape-give up Coke and cut down on sugar. Improve my French. Make another film. Teach Maja to read.

Favourite political moment of 2006: Adam Vaughan beats Helen kennedy for City Council in Trinity Spadina.

Political hopes for 2007: Please no federal election for a while. And when it does come, let the NDP hold the Balance of Power. I hope McGuinty gets humbled by Hampton in the October election. Let's get out of Afghanistan. Impeach Bush (unlikely, I know). Al Gore. please enter the race for President (if only to keep it entertaining). And as for all this global warming, genocide, disease, poverty and terrorism business, personally, I'm against it.