Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Driving Slowly

I've just started a new job which requires a daily commute from Toronto to Oakville. If there is light traffic it can be done in 25 minutes, but most mornings it takes 35-40 and evenings 45-50. I have never been a commuter before and it's a real eye opener just how bad it is on the roads these days. Yesterday on the way home there was a bad crash with one car tipped on its side in the middle of the QEW. So, the daily trek is scary and tedious all at the same time.
I'm glad this job ends in September.

In driving related news, this movie looks interesting.


berlynn said...

Is there no public transit between Toronto and Oakville?

Owin said...

There is a Go train. But it would take way longer to patch together subway + Go train + bus than it takes to just drive it.