Friday, April 28, 2006

Better Red than Dead

I'm starting to really grow weary of seeing the Liberal leadership candidates throw their hats in the ring. Everyone gets a double announcement. First comes the "leak." Then a few days or weeks later comes the official announcement. And so far, it looks to me like a lot of footsoldiers and no generals. Mixed feelings. If I were to be a loyal little dipper I'd have to say this is good. As long as the Liberals keep stinking up the joint, it's got to be good for the NDP, right? But the other day I saw a poll that was a bit of a reality check. CONS 42% LIB 28% NDP 19%. Sure it's just one poll but it made me consider the possibility that the Liberals, for better or for worse, are the only real Tory killers in the game, and if they blow it, it won't be 90 seats for Layton and the NDP. It will be a Stephen Harper majority.
So, as tempting as it would be to hope the Libs pick Bob Rae, Mike Iggy, or somebody else equally hobbled by their past stupidity, deep down I can't help hoping they find a Trudeau, not a Turner.

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