Wednesday, December 28, 2005

When in doubt, make a list

I haven't made any blog entries in a while, but I'm feeling a bit lazy, so I'll just do an end of year list of random stuff. It's a lot less heartbreaking than trying to come up with something intelligent to say about the latest Toronto shootings.

Fave movies:
The Constant Gardener
A History of Violence

King Kong
Star Wars III:ROTS (although it's hard to be disappointed by Star Wars anymore)

Some music I liked in 2005:
Weezer-"Make Believe"
Sarah Harmer-"I'm a Mountain"
Sexsmith & Kerr -"Destination Unknown"

Most annoying tech gadget:
The ever evolving iPod

Most inspirational politician (although it has no effect on his poll numbers):
Jack Layton

Most disappointing politician (although it has no effect on his poll numbers):
David Miller

Least welcome political topic making a comeback:
Same-sex marriage

Political Topics needing a comeback:
The Arts
The Environment
Nuclear Power/Nuclear Waste

Best Christmas Present:
Maja riding her tricycle
runner up: painting of me and Maja from Irena

Most annoying holiday season media crutch:

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