Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Cold Day in Hell

So the other day our fridge kacked out. I was out of town on the great Michigan adventure (see below), so my wife went with her Dad to buy a new fridge.

She picked out a nice one, with no problems except for managing to pay for it ourselves. Her Dad is like a credit card ninja and anytime you pull out your credit card, he's got his out first. So anyway, the parents bought the fridge. Nice gesture? Not so much. There is a high price to be paid for free stuff, at least in their case. So today the fridge arrives and is perfectly nice, but the first thing out of my Father-in law's mouth is "Oh, there's a dent." Sure enough, if you get out the microscope you can find a slight imperfection on the front door. Now this is the kind of bullshit pseudo problem that people like us tend not to concern ourselves with. We are too busy raising a child and living our lives. But some people, it seems, have too much time on their hands. Next thing you know, he's going behind our back, calling customer service to complain, and telling us to expect a call from the fridge store.

Of course, he thinks he has the right because he paid for the damn thing.

If they call we'll just have to tell them that my father in law is f**king batshit insane.

Tomorrow's mission: Go to the bank to get a wad of cash to buy back "our" fridge.

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andym said...

Parent-in-laws are special, ain't they? How did everything work out? You sounded kinda tense telling the story.