Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Block the Bloc

The PQ and BQ are in the spotlight this week, with Landry stepping down and speculation flying about what Duceppe's gonna do. Perhaps it's timely then that I jot down a few thoughts (can you jot if you are typing?) about the BQ. For all the talk about the petulant and childish parliament lately, the real elephant in the room is the Bloc Quebecois. I think we need some new rules to enforce some loyalty to the nation for members of what is, after all, the Federal Parliament. It's a sticky area to be sure, and you have to be very careful about not trampling on people's rights to organize, but I think some rule could be cooked up that if you don't run candidates in all provinces and if you don't take the oath of loyalty to the Queen or whatever, that you are not recognized as a federal party. I can't think of any reasonable way to make the Bloc go away entirely, but at least kick them off of committees and stop treating them as a Federal Party.

Treat them as 54 independent MP's. It's still more than they deserve but it's a start.

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