Thursday, November 09, 2006

US done, bring on the Local "race"

I was very happy to see that the Senate is in Democratic hands, even if they do need to count Lieberman to make put them over the top. I'm tempted to taunt my conservative American relatives, but I guess I can't be bothered. I hope this forces the Dems to finally come up with some solutions. I suppose politically it made more sense to stand back and let the GOP shoot themselves in the foot, but the Dems are still awfully timid. Howard Dean and John Kerry must both be breathing a sigh of relief-if they had blown this both their careers would be over. Well, Kerry's probably is anyway.

Locally, just a few days to go until the municipal election. I'm trying to decide whether to give Miller my vote. If I thought he needed it, I would, but he doesn't. Royson James has an article in the Star today suggesting sending a message to Miller by voting for one of the also-rans. Something to consider. The botched World's Fair thing was pretty pathetic. As for councillor here in Ward 18-I say let the Wookey win. I like his environmental aspirations and think he'd probably be profoundly adequate.

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