Tuesday, January 24, 2006


So here I sit at 2am. I should go to bed, since I'm working tomorrow, but I just can't stop clicking on the refresh button in the CBC internet window, hoping that last Liberal leading seat will go NDP so we can hit 30. Yeah, dream on.

Mixed feelings.

I'm glad we didn't get squeezed like last time, but really bummed to miss out on balance of power. I admit I had dared to dream a little bigger than this. I'm glad Harper was held to a minority, but at the same time a bit chagrinned that the Liberals did so respectably well. Without balance of power it's going to be pretty hard for the NDP to do much over the next year or two, and red vs. blue will still be the main story for the forseeable future. I had hoped they would get humiliated, not just slapped.

I am happy to see the Bloc lose support. Let's hope that continues next time.

I was stunned that our local candidate, Gord Perks, lost so badly here in Davenport. It was supposed to be close. It wasn't. Gord was a higher profile candidate than Rui Pires last time, so we should have made gains if not win. It makes me realize that ethnicity matters a lot here. Either that or Mario Silva is a cheater. Probably both. I was scrutineering today and when Mario came in to vote his own scrutineers didn't even recognize him. It kind of makes you think some mob boss ordered his goon squad out to work for Mario. OK, OK, I'm just bitter. Also very sad to see Churley, Nystrom and Sid Ryan lose.

Still, some good and some bad for everyone.

Harper won but with a pretty weak minority.

Martin lost, but not as bad as expected. He gets to leave with his dignity. Pity, that.

Jack didn't get squeezed again, but the gains were modest and he didn't get balance of power.

Duceppe doesn't really have much to be happy about, which makes ME happy.

Let's do it again in about a year and a half!

(Next time I'm not bothering to volunteer in Davenport though. What a waste of time!)

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Anonymous said...

Perks V Silva

It's not surprising this is a *HUGE* Portuguese neighbourhood.