Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cut Karl

Check outMichael Moore for lots on the Karl Rove situation. I really, really, really hope some of this sticks.

"President Bush once said he would fire any White House staffer who had leaked the identity of undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame. But if that source turns out to be Karl Rove, the president's longtime political guru, a firing would be a devastating blow to the White House."

Dare we hope? Forget firing him. How about putting him on trial for treason. Oh, well. Stephen Colbert is probably right when he says Bush will have a hard time figuring out what honour to bestow on "the only man in Washington with flesh coloured hair" for a blunder this big.

In other news, here at home the Liberals are really letting things unravel on the healthcare front, what with Alberta's "Third Way" bull-jive. Check out Sinister Thoughts for some really insightful recent posts.

How can the Grits be such wizards with Parliamentary procedure and so stunned on policy? (Or even on having any policy.)

Oh well. It's a good opening for the 'Dippers.

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